This is a unique chance to buy a beautiful piece of land on the shoreline of Lipsi Island in the Dodecanese region of Greece. We offer two large properties on the coast of Monodendri: an unspoiled area only meters away from the shoreline with several pristine beaches. Peaceful and secluded. Just a 10-minute drive from the main town. Wonderful panoramic view of the open sea and surrounding hills. The two properties measure 15.185 and 10.252 square meters respectively, which in both cases is large enough to build a residential house or holiday home on. On one property, we built a summer house which is finished as bare brickwork (82 square meters). The properties have official approval by the forestal as well as by the archeological commission, which is a prerequisite for building. The price is 22 Euros per square meter, the price for the structurally complete house is 90.000 Euros.

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